Why Your Stall Feeders Are Falling Short

Why Your Stall Feeders Are Falling Short

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

What kind of stall feeders are you using to feed your horses? If you are relying on traditional feeding methods for your horses, you might actually be limiting the performance of your horses. In fact, you might even be impacting the health of your prized pets.

Traditional horse feeders simulate artificial feeding methods. These horse feeders could be hurting your horse. Naturally, horses graze slowlyand continuously throughout the day. Therefore, horses produce stomach acid and digestive fluids constantly unlike humans. Yet, even though horses don’t eat like humans, we continue to try to feed them like us! Stall feeders provide your horse a large amount of food to eat throughout the day, but your horses aren’t able to ration themselves throughout the day. Instead they’ll eat everything you give them and later their empty stomach will be stewing in digestive juices.

When this feeding process is repeated, your horse’s stomach can be damaged and develop in a condition known as colic. In the most severecases, your horse can even develop painful stomach ulcers.

What can you do to stop this process before it becomes a pain for your horse and your wallet? iFEED has innovated a new line of stall feeders that simulate the natural process of your horse’s digestive system. Our automatic horse feeders dispense small amounts of feed to your horse throughout the day. iFEED horse feeders can dispense small portions up to 720 portions in a 24 hour period!

Of course, keeping your horses healthy is the greatest benefit of an iFEED stall feeder. But, there’s also monetary benefits for you to consider as well! iFEED horse feeders will save you and your staff the time spent refilling your horse’s stall feeders throughout the day. Additionally, iFEED stall feeders also help reduce your feed waste- saving you money.

Join the iFEED revolution with hundreds of other horse owners. When you see the benefits that an iFEED system can bring you and your horses, there are no limits to the performance!

Why Your Stall Feeders Are Falling Short
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