Ulcers in Horses

Ulcers in Horses

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Is your horse acting different to you? Is it moving around the stall a bit more than usual? Have you considered that your horse may be not be properly feeding and also could be bored. It can be a strange thought, but could very well be the cause due to horses being constant grazers. iFeed has a solution for ulcers in horses and the boredom that comes from keeping a horse in a confined space.

Your horse loves to eat, but it must it many times a day. You cannot just feed them three or four times and call it a day. This can lead to the consumption of feed to quickly that then leads to overwork of your horses digestive system. This improper feeding causes colic and ulcers in horses that could very well lead to death in many cases. This is a frightening truth that must be addressed as soon as possible.

iFeed has created a sleek automatic feeder that can feed your horse in smaller portions up to 720 times a day. This replicates the natural feeding that a horse, a grazing animal, is used to. There have even been preliminary studies proving that the iFeed automatic feeder can even reverse colic and ulcers in horses. This is an amazing advancement in the industry that will produce stronger and healthier horses.

The horse also can have more amusement from the fact that the feeder will dispense more often. This can alleviate that boredom and restlessness that horses can get when they are stalled.

Overall, iFeed is the way a horse should eat. It can prevent and reverse ulcers in horses along with preventing boredom. I forgot to also mention that it saves on feed because the horse in digesting less feed properly. So save money and a horse today with the best automatic feeder on the market from iFeed.

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