Have You Tried Automatic Feeders For Horses?

Have You Tried Automatic Feeders For Horses?

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Has your horse been acting a little different lately? Has it possibly been experiencing some signs of distress in its abdomen? This may be what is known as colic. Colic is a gastrointestinal issue that leads to pain in the horses abdomen region. This can, if left untreated, lead to the death of your horse. Many treatments to reduce the symptoms can be very costly as well. The best way to prevent or even possibly reduce colic would be to prevent the likely issue that it is colonic distress. What can prevent colic in horses? Well, feeding it as naturally as possible is a proven method.

Your horse is a natural grazing animal. They are a system that is not designed to be fed two or three large meals a day, but they are meant to be fed constantly. The large meals cause a lack of digestion and eventually lead to the colonic distress that results in the colic symptom. No one wants to see colic in horses, but the necessary style of feeding may not be possible many days. Manual feeding is costly and takes a time commitment.

There is a solution to this that can save time, money, and your horse. Automatic feeders are able to feed your horse small portions of food many times a day. This mimics the grazing that your horse is naturally used to and places less stress on their digestive tract.

You will see changes in your horse after using an automatic feeder, both in performance and health. Automatic feeders are proven to reduce colic in horses and can save you money by reducing medical care and time spent for horse care.

Have You Tried Automatic Feeders For Horses?
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