How Diet Influences Horse Training

How Diet Influences Horse Training

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Training your horse, either for riding, barrel racing, a competition, or racing all require specially designed plans and long hours for you and your horse. When a human is training to get in top physical shape, their diet is often changed and considered- your horse is no different. To ensure proper and effective horse training, you need to take a good look at your horse’s diet.

Feeding Techniques

First, think about how you feed your horse. Horse health is influenced by diet, but unlike humans, cats, and dogs, they eat in a different way. Horse’s produce stomach acid near constantly, since they are grazing animals. They are designed to graze over long hours, as opposed to eating fewer big meals throughout the day. The iFEED system simulates your horse’s natural feeding technique. Unnatural feeding techniques can damage your horse’s stomach lining and lead to health issues.

Begin with Hay

Next, consider how much hay your horse will need while training. Remember, they are likely working harder and burning more fuel than usual. To keep your horse healthy and at a healthy weight, you may need to add more hay to your horse’s diet. At a minimum horse’s consume roughly 2% of their body weight in hay each day.

Mix with Grains

Often, horse’s diets are supplemented with grains. While these concentrates can provide needed calorie content during horse training, it’s important to consider the amount and type for a healthy horse. There are lots of concentrates formulated for specific types of horse, which takes the guess work out of choosing your horse’s need during training. Remember to choose based on the amount of work your horse is doing! Always check the label on your grain bag to determine the amount of grain needed to keep your horse healthy. Otherwise, your horse’s diet could be short essentials vitamins and nutrients.

Pay close attention to your horse’s diet while training. With increased performance and work, diet alterations must be made to maintain their health. Happy horse training!

How Diet Influences Horse Training
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