Horse Slow Feeder

Horse Slow Feeder

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Horses are amazing. They win races, they can work hard, and they can even keep you company. If you love your horse, why would you not want to take care of them? Many will give their horse only three or four servings of feed a day. This can lead to colic and ulcers. In other words, many are killing their horse. There is a solution that will correct the feeding of a horse and move them back to their natural style of feeding. A horse slow feeder by iFeed can feed your horse up to 720 times a day and mimic the grazing your horse should be doing, but may not always get the chance to do so.

Colic is a very real thing and can weaken and often kill your horse. You can see signs of colic in horses by the actions that can be observed. If your vet lets you know that the signs are indicators of colic or ulcers, you may need to get a horse slow feeder. This will be able to reverse the effects of colic.

Your horse likes to move around and graze and can start to become anxious in its stall. The horse slow feeder by iFeed can alleviate your horse from this stressful situation by putting out a little food at a time and allowing the horse to have something to look for more often.

The horse slow feeder from iFeed produces amazing results in horses and can do the same for your horse. It has had preliminary findings proving that it reduces and prevents ulcers and colic in horses and can calm your horse in their stall.

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