The Key to Reducing Wasted Horse Feed

The Key to Reducing Wasted Horse Feed

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Is feeding your horses becoming too expensive? Many horse owners struggle with reducing wasted horse feed. But, there’s a solution for you. iFEED has crafted our revolutionary automatic horse feeders that can reduce wastedhorse feed by up to 30%.

How does the iFEED system help reduce wasted horse feed? By carefulattention to feeding management for your horses. Our iFEEDers mimic the natural way your horses eat to help reduce wasted horse feed. Only provide your horse what they need!

In the wild, horses are grazing animals. They are built to eat near constantly in very small meals. In fact, their stomachs and digestive systems are even set up to handle the grazing lifestyle. Horses produce digestive juices near constantly, which means they need food in their stomachs near constantly as well.

Due to these specific digestive issues, many horse owners cause wasted horse feed problems by supplying their horses with too much feed. Otherwise, it can be difficult for horse owners to provide multiple meals throughout the day.

Fortunately, the iFEED automatic horse feeders are programmed by you to deliver pre-portioned amounts of feed throughout the day. Choose from multiple settings, up to 720 individual portions in a 24 hour period. This systematic feeding management for horses can help reduce your wasted horse feed by as much as 30%.

Now, you will be able to provide the ideal amount of feed for your horses, in as many portions as needed throughout the day. Remember, the key to reducing wasted horse feed is using automatic horse feeders and feeding your horses exactly as nature intended.

The Key to Reducing Wasted Horse Feed
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