Understanding Colic Remedies vs. Colic Prevention

Understanding Colic Remedies vs. Colic Prevention

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Colic is a common medical condition that many horses and horse owners struggle to remedy. However, colic remedies only treat the symptoms of colic once the condition has developed. Understanding colic will help you as a horse owner learn how to prevent the condition- instead of just remedying the symptoms.

Colic in horses can be caused by improper feeding techniques. We like to think that our pets eat like humans do. But, with horses, that is not the case. Feeding your horse a few, large meals throughout the day mimics how humans eat. However your horse doesn’t eat like that naturally. Over time, this feeding process could cause colic or even ulcers in your horse. Then, you will need to begin colic remedies.

But, what if you changed the way horses are fed? The iFEED inventors were faced with this problem and question when they developed the iFEED system. Our horse feeders are the first step in colic prevention for you and your horses. How does our system prevent colic in horses?

Instead of simulating unnatural feeding methods like other feeders, the iFEED inventors began by observing how horses naturally ate. Then, we created a feeding system that works with their digestive properties. Our iFEED stall feeders provide your horse small, frequent meals throughout their day. This simulates their natural grazing process.

Instead of working to remedy colic once it has developed, change your feeding system and begin actively preventing colic. Plus, this system will also save you time, money, and wasted feed.

Understanding Colic Remedies vs. Colic Prevention
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