iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Are you away from home a lot, or have a pet who needs more consistent feeding schedules than you are able to personally provide? At iFeed Technology we offer an automatic pet feeder that allows you to portion and time your pet’s food based on how much or how often they need to be eating. A lot of people have to have friends, family or even roommates feed their pets while they are at work or out of town. Imagine if you and your pet no longer had to rely on those people to get fed! You can rest assured knowing that your pet is getting fed on a consistent schedule while you are away.

Having an automatic pet feeder will make sure your pet never goes hungry again. This feeding system is a great way to automate your pet’s diet, and eating cycle, which will be healthier in the long run. Having a consistent eating schedule will help troublesome pets get used to a stable diet and eating schedule, making life easier for both you and your pet. Use of an automatic pet feeder is also good for those nocturnal animals who prefer to eat at night. Rather than having to wake up at odd hours to feed them you can get them on the automated feeding schedule.

Not only will the use of an automatic pet feeder make life easier for you, but also for your pet! We understand that your pets are important to you and making sure they are fed is always a large priority. At iFeed Technology we want to make sure you can feed your pet with ease, even if you are not able to personally or manually do it yourself. Check out our various types of automatic feeders and begin making you and your pets lives easier today!

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