Horse Ownership 101: Feeding Techniques

Horse Ownership 101: Feeding Techniques

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Whether you are a first time horse owner, or have owned horses your whole life, you likely take your horse ownership very seriously. While you do everything to keep your horse safe and healthy, some issues are not as easy to see as a proper stall and barn. Excellent horse ownership requires that you pay attention to every aspect of your horse’s health including how you feed them each day.

Protecting your horse may seem simple. Giving them proper shelter, food, attention and exercise is important- and often time consuming. However, there’s another equally important aspect to protecting your horse: your feeding techniques. This need stems from a horse’s unique digestive process that is very different from humans.

To be a better horse owner, you should understand how your horse digests and feeds. Horses are naturally grazing animals, which means they eat slow, little meals over a long time. Unlike humans, who eat a few large meals a day, horse’s digestive systems are set up for a grazing lifestyle. They produce digestive fluids all the time, not just when they’re eating.

If horses are fed like humans, in a few, large meals, not only will they become hungry throughout the day, but they can also experience unwanted health issues. To protect your horse from developing colic, stomach ulcers, or other stomach issues, your feeding techniques should mirror your horse’s natural eating process.

Protecting your horse means considering automatic feeding techniques. Feeding your horse small meals throughout the day is impossible with numerous horses and very time-consuming for even the best horse owners. The iFEED system utilizes automatic feeding techniques to provide your horses with pre-measured meals throughout the day. The automatic feeding system reduces wasted feed, save you time and money, and improves horse ownership.

To learn more about how you can implement the iFEED automatic feeding for horses in your stables, click on over to our products page, or read about satisfied owners on our testimonials page!

Horse Ownership 101: Feeding Techniques
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