Horse Health

Horse Health

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

I’m pretty sure that the health of your horse is of the utmost importance to you. You try to keep them active and feed them what you think is the best. What if I told you that the way you feed your horses can be detrimental to the horse’s health. Here at iFeed Technology, we’ve created the perfect feeder for your horse that makes sure your horse is at peak health and performance. If you are one of the horse owners worrying about your horse’s eating habits, then contact iFeed today to get your own automatic horse feeder today.

The way that your horse eats can make or break their health. In nature, horses graze small amounts of food many times during the day. Horse owners normally don’t know how to properly feed their horses. They either feed them too much too often, or not enough. With iFeed’s automatic horse feeders, we’ve perfected how to feed your horse. Horses eat slowly and often, allowing the stomach and salivary glands to digest and absorb feed properly. Our feeders can feed your horse small amounts of food up to 720 portions in a day. This is the best way to keep up great horse health. When poorly fed, horses can get ulcers, colic, and anxiety. These can all lead to poor horse health, which in turn leads to poor productivity with your horses. iFeed Technology specializes in properly feeding your horses. Contact us today if you are interested in the product that will keep your horse healthy.

Why would you keep feeding your horses the same way when it’s proven that using automatic horse feeders is the better option? Don’t let your horse lose their health by eating poorly, call iFeed today to get your horse on track to having a healthier life.

Horse Health
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