Horse Feeder

Horse Feeder

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

It heals your horse of colic. It saves you money. It improves your horses performance. What could it be? It is a horse feeder the is created by iFeed. Their automatic horse feeder can feed a horse in increments throughout the day feeding your horse as if it is grazing. How does it do all of this?

iFeed created their automatic horse feeder that replicates a horses natural diet resembling grazing. Large brands of foods and veterinarians both agree that frequent meals are what is best for your horse and ultimately prevents colic. Colic is a leading killer of horses in the United States and can be prevented, and reversed, by the optimal diet that can be replicated by the iFeed horse feeder.

How does the iFeed horse feeder save you money? It allows for the horse to eat smaller meals that are more frequent. This leads to the horse to be able to utilize more of the food rather than just pass it through and create more manure. The more manure the more cost to cleaning and maintenance. The food can be tracked more effectively as well to control cost of feed. This will save you money even in the short term.

Colorado State University has recently had preliminary findings showing that iFeed has not only improved horse performance, but has also led to the reversal of colic.

Much of this seems to good to be true, but all of this has been proven. It is time see for yourself and see what the horse feeder from iFeed can do for you and your horse. If I could say that I can save you money while improving the health and performance of your horse, would you not try it. Try the iFeed horse feeder today.

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