Horse Feed

Horse Feed

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

As a horse owner, I am sure that you had already thought of all of the ways possible to feed your horse their daily intake of horse feed. At iFEED, we are aware that there is often a better way to take care of our horses and that includes feeding them when they are mentally ready versus when we, as owners, are available to feed them.

We have iFEED dispensers that can dispense horse feed when you want, how often you want and how much you want as well. You are also allowed to set individual feed amounts for each horse that you have so you are allowed to control how much horse feed they intake because you know them better than anyone else does. When your horse is intaking the horse feed from this iFEED dispenser, they are eating slowly and often which allows the stomach and salivary glands to disgest and absorb their feed properly which in turn gives the horses long lasting lives because it is contributing to their health.

The fact that the horses will be eating when they are supposed to and how much they are supposed to, this will help reduce the risk of colic and ulcers for them as well. There are different forms of installation and depending on the one you choose to do, a funnel would be used from the outside of the stall to carry the horse feedinto the trough.

This iFEED system is beneficial to the horses because it will help them with their intake of horse feed but is also beneficial to the owners because it helps create less stress for them during feeding times.

Horse Feed
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