Horse Health: Prevent Colic and Ulcers

Horse Health: Prevent Colic and Ulcers

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Digestive issues are common in horses, especially horses that spend most of their time in a stall. Let’s explore two types of digestive problems–colic and ulcers–and how you can prevent these types of problems in your horses.

There are various types of colic in horses. They are all considered to be a disorder of the digestive system. It causes severe abdominal discomfort and pain in your horse. Colic in horses is a spectrum, and can become very serious. The number one medical cause of death in horses is colic.

Gastric ulcers in horses are a common problem in horse health. Their presence can be found in 50-90% of horses and can affect horses of any age. Ulcers are a problem in a horse’s digestive tract. This issue is especially prevalent in horses that perform athletic activities.

The good news is that preventing ulcers and colic in horses is most often an easy process for you and your horse. Horse health problems, especially ulcers and colic, often stem from the horses’ feeding schedule. Horses have evolved over time to be grazing creatures. When they have to adjust to a life of waiting for meals two to three times a day it can not only cause anxiety but it can cause serious horse health issues. Having an automatic feeder for your horse is a way to prevent these problems from arising, and saving yourself some time as well.

An automatic feeder can mimic grazing, putting out small portions of food multiple times throughout the 24-hour day. If you would like to prevent horse health issues in your horses, look into automatic feeder systems and see the health and happiness of your horse improve.

Horse Health: Prevent Colic and Ulcers
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