iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

At iFEED, our slow feeders for horses are the best in the market. Are you seeking an alternative to your current feeding methods for your horses? iFEED offers a smart, efficient and effective solution through their automatic slow feeders for horses. These slow feeders ensure that your horses eat small portions throughout the day at a consistent rate. If that sounds better than your current feeding system, then iFEED’s automatic slow feeders for horses are exactly what you need to cut back on waste and costs while improving your horses overall quality of life. The automatic slow feeding system keeps your horse comfortably fed in a manner that is more natural to their digestive needs.

Horses in the wild are accustomed to grazing for the better part of the day (18-20 hours daily), meaning that your horses are on a eating schedule that is not natural to their body’s needs. Our slow feeders for horses allow your horses to consume up to 720 small portions in a 24 hour period, letting them eat at a rate that is more comfortable to them while keeping them from under or over eating. These slow feeders for horses also cut down on waste of time, money and work for the stable or stall owners by maximizing the efficiency of the feeding system.

At iFEED our system keeps your horses healthy by regulating their intake as well as keeping them from consuming the dirt, gravel or rocks that you may find at the bottom of many conventional feeding systems. This can prevent diseases such as colic in your horses, which can cause very serious digestive problems and is extremely uncomfortable for the horse. The slow feeders for horses have a number of benefits, one of which being that you do not have to personally feed your horses, and you can still rest easy knowing that they are being fed a nutritionally balanced diet in a way that is healthier and more enjoyable for them in the long run. Visit iFEED today to look at our slow feeders for horses and improve both you and your horse’s quality of life!

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