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iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Do you know how much horse feed your horse ate per meal last year? The common answer to this question in “no”. This raises a few concerns of feed management and can lead to colic in your horse. This is why an automatic horse feeder is necessary for your horse.

Horse owners may not know that they could be hurting their horses with the inconsistent feeding that is rampant today. An automatic horse feeder replicates what horses do best, grazing. The feeder can be set up to consistently feed your horse to have them feed the only way they should be fed. This has been shown to reduce colic in horses.

With the iFeed automatic horse feeder, you can control the amount of feed and set the automatic horse feeder to dispense even while you are not able to be there. This allows for your horse to remain on a correct diet through any circumstance. You can breathe easier knowing that your horses performance will not suffer even while you are unable to be around for an extensive time.

Another positive point to the automatic horse feeder is that your horse will noticeably produce less manure leading to less maintenance. This, along with the fact that you can easily track the amount of food used, leads to reduced costs and eventually a return on the investment of an automatic horse feeder.

If you were told that you can prevent or reverse colic in your horse while saving money just by purchasing an automatic horse feeder from iFeed, would you believe it? Both of these facts have been proven by multiple people using the automatic horse feeder for recreational use and for competitions. Try an iFeed automatic horse feeder today to see your horse improve its performance.

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