Horse Feeders for Sale

Horse Feeders for Sale

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

There are plenty of horse feeders for sale in the horse care market today. However, when searching forthe perfect horse feeder for sale, only the best, most resourceful feeder is what you want for your horse. Fortunately, we here at iFEED know the importance of giving your horse the best care possible and guarantee that our horse feeders are the best choice!

When it comes to providing your horse with superb care, it is important to understand the proper way and the proper times to feed your horse. Horses are naturally grazing animals; therefore they thrive from small, frequent meals throughout the day. As a busy horse owner, it may not be easy to go out to the stall to provide the horse with a small meal 18-20 hours a day. This is where our feeders come in handy! When compared to other horse feeders for sale, our iFEED feeder come out on top with timed and flexible feeding times. In addition, having the proper feeding schedule can prevent colic and ulcers, and provides your horse with a healthy digestive system. By keeping your horse in tip-top shape, you are helping it reach its ultimate potential!

Not only is it a great match for your horse, our horse feeders for sale can provide many benefits for you too! Our automatic horse feeder can save you up to 30% on your feed bill as well as time! Since iFEED feeders are designed to automatically provide up to 720 portions spaced throughout 24 hours, you don’thave to move a finger! Your horse will have the proper feeding it needs and will thank you for it by having enhanced performance and by being in great shape. Although, good nutrition is a no-brainer, understanding timed feeding is just as important. By selecting iFEED, you are doing both yourself and your horse a huge favor that will only result in a healthy horse and a happy owner.

Horse Feeders for Sale
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