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Equine Feed

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

No doubt about it... There’s a lot to consider when selecting the proper type of equine feed! Just like how you watch your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle, your horse’s feed has a BIG impact on their health! But, how should you go about selecting the proper equine feed? Start with a basic understanding of how the horse stomach works, consider the lifestyle of your horse, and choose the equine feed that best suits their needs!

In the wild, horses graze. This means that they are used to eating small meals of equine feed throughout the day and constantly having food in their stomachs. When we feed our horses like humans, in three or fewer meals throughout the day, their stomachs are unable to keep food in their system. Then, your horse’s stomach acid, which is powerful enough to consistently break down their equine feed, begins to work at the lining of their stomach. This is how gastric ulcers develop!

How should you combat this vicious cycle? Select an equine feed that allows for proper digestion. Equine feed that requires a lot of chewing, such as roughage, stimulates the creation of saliva in your horse. As your horse swallows, their saliva will travel to the stomach and neutralize some of their powerful stomach acid. Additionally, other types of equine feed, such as alfalfa, has lots of calcium which is thought to help reduce the effects of stomach acid as well.

You could also try using the iFEED system to control the number of portions your horse eats throughout the day. The iFEED technology mimics the horse’s natural feeding cycle to reduce the effect of stomach acid. Coupled with an appropriate choice of equine feed, your horse will be on its way to a healthy lifestyle, free of medical problems! Choose your equine feed carefully to ensure a long life for your horses!

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