Equine Nutrition

Equine Nutrition

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Equine Nutrition is of the upmost importance if you are a horse owner and want the absolute best care for your horse. Have you ever considered thinking about different ways that we can take care of our horses? iFEED is extremely passionate about Equine Nutrition and has decided to invent this particular horse feeder to help contribute to the need of horses needing to eat at the proper schedule.

Several horse caretakers try to feed their horses on making them adapt to when it is convenient to feed them but realistically, we should be feeding them on the schedule that they are mentally on because that is what is the healthiest option for them.Equine Nutrition comes into play here because horses are animals that graze and they are designed to handle slow feed intakes in very small portions. Large portions of food can make horses sick and make it harder for them to actually digest the food which in turn can affect them long term.

With the iFEED system, you are able to feed up to 720 small portions in 24 hours and indicate when and how you feed your horses, which in turn makes you as an owner an advocate for Equine Nutrition! The horse feeder sets individual feed amounts for each horse so if you are worried about feeding several horses, please don’t because iFEED has you covered! This also has complete control on when and how often your horse or horses eat. Also on the subject of Equine Nutrition, the horse feeder allows the horses to eat slowly and often, which in turn allows the stomach and salivary glands to digest and absorb their feed in the correct way. Equine Nutrition is very important, so let’s start moving toward bettering it in this way.

Equine Nutrition
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