iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Feeding your horses manually can be time consuming, and even costly if you have to pay hired hands to keep up your feeding regiment. This can surely become a nuisance, especially when you are away from your stable for a long period of time. You always want to be sure that your horses are being fed properly and at the right times. This is where iFeed Technology comes in to play. Our automatic feeders offer a unique system of controlled feeding for horses. They also allow you to feed your horses many small portions of your choice feed, throughout the day, improving their diets and overall health.

You can always depend on our controlled feeding for horses to keep your horses satisfied and healthy. This system of feeding allows you to feed up to 720 portions in a 24 hour period. Horses enjoy this type of feeding because it is more like their natural feeding cycle of grazing small amounts all day. In our experience, horses respond well to the sound of the automatic feeder because it lets them know when it is time to eat. Controlled feeding for horses allows you to travel or be away from your stables, while resting easy because you know that your horses are being fed in a consistent manner.

Through controlled feeding for horses, iFeed Technology is changing the game of feeding, and making it easier on horses and owners alike. When it comes to feeding horses, we know that their health is always in mind. That is why our system is the best because it gives your horses a natural feeding schedule, keeping them healthy and free from stomach ulcers and colic. Visit iFeed today to look into controlled feeding for horses, read testimonials, and improve your system for feeding!

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