Horse Care How To: Controlled Feeding

Horse Care How To: Controlled Feeding

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iFEED is bringing to you our latest series of posts about horse care! In this series, we’ll discuss the How To’s of horse care including... optimizing controlled feeding to benefit your horses!

Performing controlled feedings can be difficult. It is often time consuming to measure the feed. Plus, there are often discrepancies between whether feed is best measured by weight or by volume. Lastly, if you are feeding your horses multiples times a day in controlled amounts, providing the wrong amount could result in wasted horse feed!

Our iFEED experts are providing you the ins and outs of horse care and they’re starting with controlled feeding for horses. Our iFEED technology takes the guesswork out of horse care. With iFEEDers you don’t need to measure exacts amounts to give your horse controlledfeedings. Instead, our iFEEDer measures the feed for you- and in any specific amount determined by you! All you have to do is select the amount and times you want your horse to be fed. Our technology does the rest for you.

Plus, with our controlled feeders you will be reducing wasted horse feed. Your horse won’t have to be fed in one large meal to be consumed throughout the day. Instead, these small portioned meals will control how much they are eating and when. What does this mean for you? Reducing wasted horse feed and saving up to 30%! Now there will be less guess work about the amount of feed needed to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Controlled feeding is an important aspect of horse care. Without proper feeding techniques, horses can experience digestive problems – leading up to developing stomach ulcers! It’s time you began feeding your horses in a natural way, with small, frequent meals without the difficulties of performing the task by hand. Let the iFEED system take your horse care to the next level!

Horse Care How To: Controlled Feeding
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