Colic Remedies

Colic Remedies

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Is your horse acting different today? It might be because they are feeling some discomfort due to intestinal issues. Colic is a common experience for many horses and is highly treatable. Easy colic remedies include proper feeding through grazing or small meals by an automatic feeder. Many horses are stalled for long periods of time and fed fewer larger meals that go against their natural way of being fed. This could lead to very serious issues including poor performance or death.

Horses that are fed too much too quickly cannot properly digest the food they eat leading to colic and ulcers. They also create more manure to be cleaned in their stalls. Automatic feeders create one of the easiest colic remedies along with saving money on horse feed by properly dispensing it. Why would you not want an automatic feeder like the one from iFEED. They have created an easy to install feeder that dispenses in many small amounts giving your horse the nutrition that it needs.

Colic remedies can be difficult to come by and very expensive. There are preliminary findings proving that colic can be reduced simply by feeding responsibly with an automatic feeder from iFEED. It can be as simple as that. Many veterinarians prescribe treatments along with a diet like the one mentioned above. Why would you not listen to them along with rest of the iFEED nation pushing the automatic feeder movement?

It is time to take care of your horse by getting them the nutrition that they need through the automatic feeder system by iFEED. Colic remedies are easier and less expensive than before. Do not let your horse suffer any longer by getting an automatic feeder today.

Colic Remedies
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