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FODERAUTOMATER by Henrik Sibbesen

Henrik Sibbesen


He is part of the Danish National Team and recently took Silver individually and for team at the European Championships as well as a Gold Medal at the World Championships in Kentucky on his horse “Rexton Royal” in both Team, Freestyle and Individual. He is well known in Europe, possibly in the USA as well. He he a very big fan of the feeders and has just ordered another 15 for an expansion at his ranch. His comments is one among many. His feeding schedule is not ideal however, more feedings, also during the night improves welfare further.

Henrik states:
At his ranch Shadock in southern Denmark they have been using the iFEED feeders for the 50 horses they have for the past 7 years. Henrik is more than excited and states, “once you have used iFEED, you can never go back”. At his ranch with 50 horses there are big savings in labor. The feeders are filled once a day and this saves labor as well as saving in veterinarian expenses and feed.

Excellent usage.
“We have not had colic since we installed these”, Henrik states. “The stomach of the horse is quite small and the many small feedings the iFEED allows for, is very good for the digestion for the horses because the feed is utilized better and we save at least 10-20% on feed. In the summer time we feed 5 times daily and during the colder times we feed 7 times a day. We use Oats and hobs and we add the PAVO feed as well”. The PAVO pellets are too big for the feeder but we break these apart and add it to the Oats. With the iFEED the horses learn to eat in a calm manner. There is absolutely no stress during feedings and the trough is licked clean every time. The horses learn the feeding times very rapidly and right before the feeder starts, the horses get up and there is little unrest in the stable as the horses prepare to eat. There is no unwanted behavior by any of the horses.

No stress.
On the Schadock Ranch you experience zero stress in connection with feedings. The opposite is the case. Henrik states, “I would say the opposite is very much the case, the feeders promote a calm environment and behavior. We have many horse owners who have never seen their horses lie down and rest but when they come to our ranch they will see our horses lying down, also during the day. Some of the new tenants are sceptic when they come to our ranch with their horses. They question whether the horses are being tended to often enough, do they get enough to eat etc. This hesitation we all end up laughing about 6 months later when they realize how well functioning these feeders are to the welfare of the animals”.

Henrik Sibbesen ensures that the horses get enough feed. He prefers hay over wrap. It also helps promote a better digestive system. A British experiment shows that horses should have a little hay each day to help digestion so he ensures that all horses on his ranch have access to hay during the day.

Its been 7 years since Henrik Sibbesen installed the iFEED feeders and there are no plans to exchange them. “We just did a major cleaning of all of them and they look as good as new. Its plastic and stainless steel that these are made of so we expect another 5-10 years of usage before they need to be replaced.
“..once you have used iFEED, you can never go back.”

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Break while the stables are cleaned 01:00 PM
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At that time the stables are shut for the night.