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iFEED in Passage Magazine

An automatic feeder is a programmable controller designed to dispense feed at desired times and amounts that your horse is supposed to be fed at. The controller offers a healthier life for your horse, convenience, safety, and it saves time. The benefits of this investment are definitely worth the money, not to mention the feeders end up saving the animal owner money in the long run. Automatic feeders save the owner from 20% to 40% in feed annually.
It is common for owners to guess when their horse is supposed to be fed rather than knowing the correct feeding schedule. Well, unlike humans, horses have a small stomach therefore; they need to graze almost continuously. Grazing periods aren’t supposed to be separated by more than two to three hours. When the owner sleeps at night for an average of eight hours, that’s a lot of hours that the horse if left hungry. On average, an owner feeds its horse two to three large portions of hay a day. Now with an automatic feeder, one can take these large portions and divide them into 70-80 smaller portions that will be distributed through out the 24-hour day. It is crucial that a horse gets fed the right amounts of hay daily in order to supplement the energy and nutrient demands a horse needs.
Trickle feeding, when feedings are administered at a significantly reduced rate form actual metabolic needs, has been proved to defend against colic and has been found to cure ulcers. Colic refers to abdominal pain, which tends to come from lack of diet. These disorders require expensive medication and doctor visits. In the long run, a hefty doctor’s bill to get your animal back to a healthy state will end up being more costly than keeping your animal always healthy with an automatic feeder. Providing a natural and healthy grazing cycle in the stall has not been a possibility until now.
People who are using automatic feeders have reported their horses to now be a lot calmer in the stalls; they lay down more now and are well behaved, and also have improved performance and energy levels. Also, large reductions of manure output have been reported, due to the improvement in the horses’ digestive system. The reduction in manure saves money in stall bedding, as well as time, and reduces the animal footprint a horse leaves behind. It is only wise of an owner to save money and improve its horse’s life style by using an automatic feeder.

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