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Do you have questions about horse healthcare?

Do you ever have a question about horse healthcare and need a place to find the answer to it?

Here at iFEED we are strong believers in our product being the healthiest addition to your horses diet. We found a wonderful site that ties everything we believe in to the health of your horse.

Check out and learn about your horse and the healthcare they need!

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iFEED Technology loves!

Double JJ Ranch Installation

Have you actually weighed your feed to see how many pounds a day you are feeding?

iFeed hit the roads north of Dallas-Fort Worth this past week! First stop was the installation of our automatic iFeed horse feeders in the stalls at Double JJ Ranch in Whitesboro, TX.


During the installation we were asked several questions about feeding schedules and what the ranch should base their portion size on.
This is a question we are asked many times and we are more than happy to answer.


In the feed guide below is a breakdown of portion settings based on what you would like to feed your horse. Please do remember EVERY horse feed can be measured one cup in size at a time; but may weigh more than 8 ounces depending on density.

World Pork Expo 2013

So, many of you may not know… iFEED Technology also has products catering to the swine and show
cattle industries as well!

Catch Canarm of iFEED Canada showcasing our fabulous ad-lib feeders. This year is by far the biggest year yet at the 35th annual World Pork Expo! In the Canarm booth you will see iFEED distributors encouraging WPE attendees to experience the all new hopper extension for our ad-lib version! This will allow you to increase the size of your hopper with a simple click, turn, tighten!

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The original iFEED ad-lib feeder is now worldwide supporting swine farmers in their success! At this years World Pork Expo iFEED introduced the automatic sow feeder to North Americans traveling from all over to check out the latest and greatest!

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Check out all the people waiting to get into the World Pork Expo this morning!

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Memorial Day 2013

It’s that time again…Memorial Day 2013! On this day of remembrance iFeed salutes all those who who have served, serve, or have someone near and dear to them whom they are remembering today!

Team iFeed Rodeo is on the road this Memorial Day at the Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, steer wrestling jackpot. The jackpot in Oklahoma will last into the wee hours and our very own Dean Stermer will be there representing the brand! Dean Stermer, Jason Lahr, and other Team iFeed Rodeo ambassadors will be at the rig and around the grounds for all those looking for more information about iFeed and autographs.

Thank you all for staying safe this Memorial Day and remembering all those who have served in our troops!

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Team IFEED Rodeo hits the road to Oklahoma

IFEED’s Dean Stermer hits the road to Oklahoma!
This past weekend team IFEED rodeo made a splash in Oklahoma!

Dean Stermer attended the Duvall 35th Annual Steer Wrestling Jackpot! Three days of rock hard, solid, bulldoggin’ fun sure can wear a horse out…..not team IFEED. Our team travels with the portable IFEED’s and our horses are happy go lucky all throughout the day. While others are sitting in the stalls and tied to trailers; Team IFEED is relaxed and comfortable knowing they aren’t waiting for hours upon end for their next meal.

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Dean participated in multiple categories with some of the best horses working in the PRCA. While in attendance at the Duvall Steer Wrestling Jackpot IFEED sponsored two horses. We awarded best horse for Saturday’s events and best horse for Sunday. Great job Clayton Haus, your horse worked great and IFEED hopes he enjoys his new feeder!

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…..even the Stermer babies love their IFEED rig!

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