The Benefits of Using Horse Feederss

The Benefits of Using Horse Feeders

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

What can you gain from implementing the iFEED system? Our line of specialized horse feeders can help your horse’s improve their health and give them the ability to recover from injury more quickly. How? By working with your horse’s natural digestive pattern for improved digestive health.

Simulate the Natural Feeding Process
Our automatic horse feeders are programmable to distribute as many as 720 equal portions throughout your horse’s day. This feeding system simulates your horse’s natural feeding method. In nature, your horse will graze for 18 to 20 hours a day. And to think, all this time your horse never lets its stomach become completely full or empty. Because horses are grazing and pasturing animals, they produce hydrochloric acid, otherwise known as stomach acid, at all times. If your horse isn’t continually exposed to feed, they could experience issues with their food acid, resulting in stomach ulcers. Our iFEED horse feeders for stalls bring your horse’s natural feeding method to their stalls! Bring the pasture to them anywhere!

Prevent Stomach Ulcers
Other than simulating your horse’s natural feeding process, the iFEED automatic horse feeders can also help prevent stomach ulcers. A more natural feeding process prevents the build-up of acid in the stomach. Ulcers can be very uncomfortable for your horse. In fact, ulcers could even be the cause of their poor performance, anxiety, or bad behavior. Why cause your horse to experience unnecessary and discomfort because of an inefficient and unnatural feeding process?

Reduce Food Waste
Lastly, our iFEED horse feeders also save you valuable time and money while reducing food waste. Even when you cannot be there to feed your horses, our automatic horse feeders can be timed to dispense meals throughout the day- up to 720 times! Our iFEED horse feeders guarantee a perfectly portioned meal, on-time, every time. Plus, proportional meals designed for your horse’s nutritional needs will help save you up to 30% on feed.

Keep your horse healthy by simulating the natural feeding process and preventing stomach ulcers. Plus, you’ll be saving yourself money and time as well! It’s time you reaped the benefits of the iFEED horse feeders for stalls.

The Benefits of Using Horse Feeders
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