Success Stories

We continue to receive consistent praise on how the iFEED system improves the welfare and health of your horse. Here are a couple of the many success stories we have received on the iFEED system from around the world:

Jesper! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to really give you an honest review of iFeed....   

I LOVE IT!!!   

Set up was so easy, we were shocked. The system is amazing and makes complete sense. Thank you so much for getting all the settings dialed in. It was pretty much mount, set the clock, and plug it in!   

Everything has changed...everything! My stallion was so food driven before, he would gun 6 lbs of grain and bang on the walls for something more everyday. If he heard a human, any human, he would bang his front foot on the stall door until some poor soul would give him a treat, only making him that much worse. I used to have to cross tie him mid day, just to keep him from banging. We tree everything, spacing out feedings, hanging a slow feed hay bag, even one of those stall toys that lets out a little grain when he plays with it. Nothing helped. I was a little skeptical of how much the iFeed would help us, but I had no idea it would completely eliminate that food driven behavior.  

My stallion now hangs out, no banging, no nervous behavior, no begging people for food/treats/attention. He is quiet, calm, and even a little lazy to make it to his feeder when it cycles on. His consumption has lessened, and he is not going through near as much hay. I used to fill his hay bag 4 times a day...I'm down to 2 times now and he wastes nothing.  His whole body has transformed. He is utilizing his feed better and filling in his top line like I have never seen before. He has always carried weight in his shoulder and chest, but he is very balanced and I can see huge differences in what he should have always looked like. It truly is amazing!  

I have now used the system for 6 months, and I am sold! I am going to try to outfit my entire barn. I think the benefits are limitless, and feeding broodmares and foals, who are constantly growing...I would LOVE to see how it benefits them.  We are on board 100% and would love to help spread the word. I'm so glad I purchased iFeed and thank you so much for all your help and guidance. 

Please let me know how we can help. We love iFeed!!! More people should own the system and see for themselves!  

Thanks so much!

In our business and in any performance horse business, having horses perform at their peak is the difference between winning and losing. Nutrition is at the core of performance in our horses.

Horse nutrition is a billion dollar business but unless you feed your horse not only the right feed but also in the proper manner, few of the performance improvements from the feed will do what they were developed to do so. By utilizing iFEED and feeding small meals 8-12 times per day, my horses have improved on every level. It is obvious in my success as a Steer Wrestler that after having used iFEED for 8 months, my horses are performing better than ever. On top of that, I am realizing feed savings of over 30%. Attending 80 plus rodeos a year, I put a tremendous amount of trust in my horses and feeding my horses properly is more important than anything else when needing to have the best possible performance from my horses.

There is no doubt in my mind, that with iFEED my horses have never looked better, never performed better and never been more healthy mentally and physically.

I highly recommend that if you want the very best for your horses' health and performance, there is nothing that will make a bigger difference than utilizing an iFEED.

-Dean Stermer
Professional Rodeo Cowboy

Here at Kolding Stallion Center, we have used the iFEED system in all of our stables since 2003. We have saved 20-25% in feed during this time due to the improved feed intake and reduction in feed waste. This has meant that the investment in the iFEED system was recovered in less than 1 year. Since the feeders only need to be filled once a day, the savings in time is also significant. Since each individual feeder is set to feed a specific amount at specific times, there is little concern about over feeding or waste. With peace of mind, we can rely on the iFEED system to feed our horses timely and accurately and we are able to spend more quality time with our horses.

In my opinion, this is the innovation of the millennium within horse welfare and horsemanship.

For additional information, I can be reached for comments by phone: +45 75 56 59 00 / +45 20 20 99 77.

Poul-Erik Lohmann
Kolding Stallion Center

At Enggården Ridecenter, we have approx. 50 horses, 30 of which have been fed using iFEED feeders since 2007. The feeders have been running perfectly since installation and have lived up to all our expectations. We are using rolled grains feed and have experienced savings of 20% since installation.

The horses are calm during feeding time and we have not experienced a single case of digestive disorders for any of our horses since we started using the automated feeders. We attribute this to the many small feedings. We feed 8 times per day with various break in between feedings.

As owners, we also hold full time jobs outside of the farm. The simple design and functionality of the feeders have proven very reliable, and has been a huge relief in our daily lives. The owners of our boarded horses can control the feed amount for their individual horses, which they find very reassuring.

Lars Boje
Enggarden Ridecenter

"At our riding centre we have installed 67 feed dispensers from iFEED. Forty-two of them are used for private horses, which are fed 10 times a day. Twenty-five dispensers are used for school horses, which are fed 6 times a day. With iFEED we save approximately 25% of feed per year".

Karl Knegt 
Stable Manager

Henrik Sibbesen is a member of the Danish National Dressage Team. He recently took an individual silver medal at the European Championships as well as a gold medal at the World Championships in Kentucky on his horse Rexton Royal. Henrik is a loyal fan of the feeders and has just ordered another 15 for an expansion at his facility.

At his farm Shadock in southern Denmark they have been using the feeders for 50 horses for the past seven years. Henrik states, “once you have used iFEED, you can never go back”. The feeders are filled once daily which saves man hours, and he has experienced lower feed bills as well as fewer veterinary visits.

How they are used 
“In the summertime we feed five times daily and during colder weather seven times a day. We have not had colic since we installed iFEED.” The stomach of the horse is quite small and the many small feedings the iFEED allows for is good for the digestion of the horses because the feed is utilized more efficiently. We save at least 10-20% on feed.

Feeding behavior
On the Schadock farm they experience zero stress or negative behaviors often associated with feeding time. Henrik says, “The feeders promote a calm environment and behavior. We have many horse owners who have never seen their horses lie down and rest, but when they come to the farm they will see the horses lying down, even during the day. Some of the new tenants are skeptical, they question whether the horses are being tended to or getting enough to eat. We all end up laughing about six months later when they realize how important these feeders are to the welfare of the animals”.
Henrik Sibbesen ensures the horses have access to hay in addition to using the feeders.

Product performance
It has been 7 years since Henrik installed the iFEED feeders, and there are no plans to change. “We just did a major cleaning of all of them and they look as good as new. They are made of polypropylene and stainless steel, so we expect another 5-10 years of usage before they need to be replaced.

“..once you have used iFEED, you can never go back.”

I recently tested 18 performance horses that had been using the iFEED feeder for the past 9 months. For the first time in my career all tests came back negative for ulcers. Up to 80% of performance horses suffer from ulcers and to see 18 horses all test negative for ulcers is unheard of. Using iFEED has clearly made a positive impact on the health and appearance of these horses.

The iFEED feeders that we have invested into Milan has been a game Changer. With its ability to precisely deliver grain in small intervals we have seen improvements in our horses condition and weight while actually feeding less. We believe the slow gradual feed allows better digestion and use of every pound of feed consumed. Thanks to the iFEED team that worked with us so efficiently to get this system installed.

We at Bushy Park Farms spend endless hours daily working on championship nutrition so when we discovered iFEED it seemed too good to be true. 4 months later and 2 select world champions was proof enough for us that iFEED is the only way to go, thank you guys you are the best.

At the Brinkmann Ranch, iFEED has completely revolutionized the way we feed our horses! We were skeptic a year ago and today I believe it is the right thing and the only way to feed your horses. Whether it is for your backyard horse or your world champion, you will see nothing but positive results. As a producer of world champions iFEED has changed the way we do things around our ranch as well as changed our horses lives, thanks guys.

Love the feeders. The system is really a HUGE benefit!

I recently tested 18 performance horses that had been using the iFEED feeder for the past 9 months. For the first time in my career all tests came back negative for ulcers.

— Dr. Brown, DVM

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