Anxiety in Horses

Anxiety in Horses

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Does your horse seem to be antsy after long periods of time in its stall? Do they seem to be a little agitated or start to act different around you? This could be the signs of anxiety in your horses. Anxiety in horses is very common when they are stabled for long periods of time. This is because they aren’t being fed properly. With IFeed Technologies automatic horse feeder, we reduce the anxiety in your horses and bring them back to acting normal. If you are seeing signs of anxiety in your horses, then contact IFeed Technology to get them back to normal.

In the wild, horses normally eat many small meals throughout the day. This both keeps their digestive system healthy, and keeps their mind off of the stresses of being in one place too long. When this diet is disrupted, the horses begin to become anxious and uneasy. Most owners may be experiencing this with their horses because they aren’t feeding them correctly. They could either be feeding them too much in too little of a time or not enough which will cause anxiety in horses. The best way to get around this issue is to purchase an automatic horse feeder from IFeed Technology. Our feeders feed your horses up to 720 portions in a day which is more like their natural grazing habits. This feeding method keeps the horses satisfied and also decreases anxiety in horses.

When it comes to anxiety in horses, the best way to decrease it is by feeding them small portions as much as possible. IFeed’s automatic horse feeder does just that without the owner having to worry about doing it. So if you are seeing any signs of anxiety in horses, contact IFeed Technology today to get you horse back on track to being less stressed.

Anxiety in Horses
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