Using iFEED to Improve Horse Performance

Using iFEED to Improve Horse Performance

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

You want your horse to be healthy AND perform well, right? Improving horse performance can be a big issue to tackle – especially since there are lots of factors that influence performance! Here at iFEED Technology, we believe that how your fuel your horse really impacts their overall performance. That’s why we’ve brought you an innovative, new way to feed grain!

Introducing the iFEED System
Our iFEED technology mimics your horse’s natural way of feeding – minimizing the health risks that come with improper feeding techniques. A healthier feeding method could improve horse performance. See exactly how we’ve improved feeding methods while saving you time and money.

When your horse feeds naturally, they consume small meals throughout the day while grazing. Our iFEEDers can be programmed to feed your horse as many as 720 small meals throughout the day – so they are eating like they should be!

Our innovative system can help reduce digestive health concerns such as colic – a HUGE problem for horse performance. Finally, you can keep your horse feeling and performing at the highest caliber.

A Proven Method
The iFEED system, although new and innovate, is already being adopted by horse owners across the United States. A few of our most prominent clients include veterinarians, professional rodeo cowboys, breeders, and the owners of show horses. All of these customers have seen incredible changes in their horse’s behavior and performance! Check out our success stories for yourself under our Resources tab.

If you are ready to improve horse performance in a simple to implement and cost effective method, then it’s time to learn more about the iFEED system! We’re here to help.

Using iFEED to Improve Horse Performance
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