Understanding Feed Management for Horses

Understanding Feed Management for Horses

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Raising a horse can be difficult for first-time and veteran horse owners! Don’t feel overwhelmed by the task of feeding your horse – which can be one of the trickiest aspects of being a horse owner. iFEED Tech is here to help you understand the best practices of feed management for horses.

Begin with the Biology

Did you know horses don’t eat like humans? It’s true! Horses are built to be grazing animals. In nature, horses will eat small amounts throughout the day, never becoming completely full or leaving them with an empty stomach. In fact, their stomachs are designed to handle slow feed intake in small portions. So why are most techniques for the feed management for horses treating them like humans? It’s time you began feeding your horses how nature intended.

Imitate Naturally

Now that you know how your horses eat naturally, it’s time to implement a new feeding process. Here at iFEED, we know it’s impossible to let your horses graze all day, every day. And it’s equally impossible to have the time or labor to offer your horses tiny amounts of fresh feed throughout the day – you’d spend all of your time feeding your horses!

That’s where the iFEED system comes in. We’ve taken feed management for horses and given you the control. With our automatic horse feeders, you have the power to determine how much you’re feeding your horses AND how often you are feeding them. You have the ability to feed up to 720 small portions in a 24 hour period – all without stealing away your very valuable time.

Avoid Health Risks

Aside from saving you time and money, iFEED also helps protect your horses from certain health risks associated with improper feed management for horses. Feeding your horses with the iFEED system takes their natural digestive process into consideration – and makes it easier for them to eat. Your horse will love you for embracing the iFEED way!

Understanding Feed Management for Horses
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