Ulcer Supplements For Horses

Ulcer Supplements For Horses

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Prevent the need to buy ulcer supplements with an iFEED feeder!

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Ulcers are unfortunately a common problem in horses. Often times they are caused by stress or poor eating habits. Like any other digestive issue, a common treatment is prescribed ulcer supplements for horses. These supplements can be used both preventative and as a treatment.

Ulcers are sores that form in the lining of the stomach. In horses, they are typically caused by the acid eating away at the stomach, developing a painful wound. Ulcer supplements for horses treat this by suppressing the acid, making it weak enough to not cause further harm. Using this treatment, the wound heals over time.

Unfortunately, ulcer supplements for horses can be costly overtime. Fortunately, it’s a cost you can easily avoid by taking certain preventative measures. Horses are meant to spend a large part of their day grazing. When they have to eat feed out of a trough only two or three times a day, it can be detrimental to their digestive systems. Unlike us, horses only produce saliva when they eat. When they are unable to graze, their stomachs have nothing in them to neutralize the acid, causing ulcers to form over time.

Ulcers can easily be prevented with an innovative feeder from iFEED. Our feeders release small amounts of feed at set times throughout the day, allowing your horse to eat in a way that mimics grazing. This works naturally with its digestive system, and is proven to reduce its chance of developing an ulcer. With iFEED, you can prevent ulcers from happening in the first place, meaning you won’t have to keep buying ulcer supplements for horses. iFEED is the best way to make sure your horse has a healthy digestive system. If you are interested in keeping your horse healthy with one of our feeders, check out our website today.

Ulcer Supplements For Horses

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