Timed horse feeder

Timed horse feeder

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Feeding care of your horse can be difficult because they need to eat frequently. The problem is that feeding your horse many small meals throughout the can be time consuming. However, iFeed can take some of the difficulty out of caring for your horses with our timed horse feeder.

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Our timed horse feeders make it possible to mimic the natural grazing style of horses. The timed horse feeders also make it easy to feed your horse in frequent small portions with our patented technology that can be programmed to feed your horse from one to 720 portions in a 24 hour time period. The timed horse feeder can be programmed even further to set individual feed amounts for each horse. The importance behind mimicking the natural grazing style of horses is that it reduces many ailments caused by feeding your horse a couple of large portions instead of many small ones.

Because a horse’s stomach produces acid constantly, it needs saliva to provide a buffer between the stomach lining and the acid. The problem is that horses only produce saliva when they eat. Therefore, a horse needs to eat frequently throughout the day so that there is a steady amount of saliva being produced. By using our timed horse feeder, you will eliminate gastric ulcers, significantly reduce the risk of colic, and decrease stress in your horse that occur when your horse eats fewer, large meals. What is more, reducing your horses stress will help alleviate other issues like cribbing, weaving, stall walking and pawing, among other negative behaviors.

We care about your horses wellbeing and want to do all we can to help. If you are interested in purchasing a timed horse feeder from ifeed, then please visit our website and contact us today!

Timed horse feeder

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