Timed Horse Feeders

Timed Horse Feeders

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

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Are you worried about the health of your horses? Just like humans, what your horses eat maters! However, how your horses eat is also very important. Did you know that horses produce stomach acid constantly? This is unlike humans, who only produce digestive juices when we eat. If you are feeding your horses like you feed yourself, you could be harming their health. Timed horse feeders are your solution!

The best way to simulate the natural grazing of horses is through timed horse feeders. These machines can provide numerous small meals throughout the day for your horse. And they save you time – since you no longer have to feed 2x a day. Instead, a timed horse feeder does it for you!

If you are hoping to implement timed horse feeders for your animals, the iFEED system is the way to go. Our iFEEDers can provide up to 720 small meals to your horses throughout the day. That means you fill the feeder once – and your horses are happily fed all day long. This system is great for experienced or first-time horse owners. It’ll make feeding your horses a breeze!

To learn more about the iFEED system and our timed horse feeders, click through our website. You’ll find info and testimonials from other horse owners. Read about how our iFEED system has improved the performance and health of numerous horses! Then, you’ll be able to experience the benefits for yourself.

Timed Horse Feeders

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