Slow Feeders for Horses

Slow Feeders for Horses

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Are you a horse owner that is interested in slow feeders for horses? Look no further than iFEED! We offer top-quality slow feeders for horses that feeds your horse the way they were meant to be fed in nature!

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Here at iFEED we have developed slow feeders for horses that takes the headache out of feeding your horses. Not only do our feeders make feeding your horses easier, it is also healthier for your horses. The reason our feeders are better for your horses is the innovative feeding method that mimics the way horses graze in nature.

In nature, horses graze continuously, eating many small meals throughout the day. This way of eating prevents the stomach acid that is continuously produced by grazing animals from causing your horse serious problems. Unfortunately, many owners feed their horses a small number of large meals, like we would feed ourselves. This leads the stomach acid produced by the horses to pool up and form ulcers and develop colic. But horses aren’t people! We shouldn’t feed them like people, but rather, like horses!

Our founder Christian T. Dahl set out to create slow feeders for horses that would combat the ailments that horses develop due to ineffective feeding methods. This is how the iFEEDer came to be. Our slow feeders for horses makes feeding horses in consistent small portion throughout the day easy and possible. The feeding technique provides up to 720 small portions a day, simulating the healthiest and most natural feeding procedure for horses.

If you are interested in using iFEED’s slow feeders for horses, then contact our team. Learn more about implementing our feed management technique with your horses today! We hope to help you have the healthiest feeding option for your horses, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our innovative system!

Slow Feeders for Horses

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