Purina Horse Feed

Purina Horse Feed

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When it comes to horses we want to make sure they are getting the best they deserve. Whether that be in the quality of their feed, their feeding habits, their training or anything at all. That is why we recommend purina horse feed. It has all of the nutrients that your horse needs to be strong and healthy. Purina offers feed tailored to specific areas such as growth, performance or even for senior horses. Purina horse feed also helps with a horse’s gastric health.

At iFeed, a horse’s health is our priority. It is one of the reasons as to why we have become so successful. A horse’s feeding habits can impact their health a lot more than what you might be aware of. While many believe that feeding a horse once or twice a day in large quantities is okay, it can actually be very detrimental to their health. This feeding habit can lead to an increase in gastric ulcers, a very costly and preventable health issue. iFeed tackles this through their products by selling automatic feed dispensers. This allows your horse to feed as if they were grazing, lowering the probability of them getting gastric ulcers.

The iFeed dispenser can be loaded with purina horse feed which will help your horse’s health even more! Horses are more than just an investment or a pastime, they are intelligent creatures that deserve to be treated in a way that won’t harm their health. With iFeed you can rest assured that we have the same goal as you. Keep our friends happy and healthy. The automatic dispenser can be controlled so that you can give them the exact amount of feed you want, at a specific time! It won’t require you to be around your horse all day because it will feed them for you! Feed your horse purina horse feed with our iFeed automatic dispenser to guarantee your horse a healthier lifestyle and to save you time and money!

Purina Horse Feed

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