Preventative Horse Care

Preventative Horse Care

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Are you interested in learning more about preventative horse care? The iFEED system is here to help! Browse our products today.


The iFEED team is here to provide information about preventative horse care to your horses! We want to educate you on how you can provide the best care to your horses. If you are committed to keeping your horses healthy, and preventing disease, then you need to keep reading about how our iFEED system can help, as well as make your life easier.

Did you know that how you feed your horses can have a BIG impact on their health and wellbeing? Horses do not digest like humans do, so why do we continue to feed them like we feed ourselves? The iFEED system has created a new way to feed your horses that provides the benefits of preventative horse care.

The iFEED system simulates your horse’s natural feeding method – grazing. Our iFEEDers can provide up to 720 small meals in a 24-hour period. Make your horse feel just like they’re grazing naturally. Feeding your horse, the way nature intended and the way they would eat in the wild means providing preventative horse care! This proper feeding method helps to prevents against ulcers as well as other digestive issues. Your horse deserves better than the traditional feeding method, they deserve nature’s way of being fed!

To learn more about the iFEED system, as well as the results that other horse owners have seen, and how we can help you provide preventative horse care, feel free to contact our team. Feel free to also browse our product packages online to see more of what we have to offer.

Preventative Horse Care

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