Preventative Horse Colic Treatment From iFEED

Preventative Horse Colic Treatment From iFEED

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Prevent colic in your horse with an iFEED feeder!


Colic is an infliction that unfortunately affects many horses, and is usually caused by some sort of intestinal blockage from improper eating habits, although it can be caused by other things. Colic is the number one leading cause of premature death in horses, so it’s important you seek out horse colic treatment as soon as you notice symptoms. Typical symptoms include fever, elevated breathing rate, elevated heart rate, change in mucous membrane color, pawing, rolling, sweating, and many more.

Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to horse colic treatment. Some treatments simply involve laxatives and waiting for it to pass. Others involve taking other types of medicine. More severe cases may require surgery to remove the blockage. Some of these treatments can be pretty costly, and put your horse through pain and stress. Considering how costly and painful colic can be, the best horse colic treatment out there is to prevent it from even happening.

While colic can be caused by a number of things, one of the most common causes is its diet. Horse's digestive systems are meant to have a near constant intake of food, which is why they spend most of the day grazing. Since domestication, we have put horses on an eating pattern that resembles ours, which can cause all sorts of trouble for their digestive systems. When a horse is in a barn it can be difficult to feed it in a manner that resembles its natural eating habits.

At iFEED, we’ve designed a feeder that lets out food on a timer, so your horse can engage in eating habits that are more natural. Our feeders are designed to work with your horse’s digestive system to keep it happy and healthy, which is why horses that eat from our feeders have 50% less colic. An iFEED feeder is one of the best preventative horse colic treatments out there. Contact us or check out our website today and find out more about how iFEED can keep your horse healthy.

Preventative Horse Colic Treatment From iFEED

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