Prevent Ulcers in Horses With iFEED

Prevent Ulcers in Horses With iFEED

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What Causes Ulcers in Horses
Horses are creatures that are meant to graze, which involves slowly eating food over the course of an entire day. That said, their stomachs are meant to handle just that. Horse stomachs constantly produce acid, but only produce saliva when they chew. Saliva helps neutralize stomach acid, so it can be damaging when a horse is only producing it 2-3 times a day. In nature, horses are almost constantly eating. Their stomachs just aren’t meant to be empty.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for us to mimic the natural eating habits of a horse when we keep them in a barn, which is why ulcers in horses are such a big problems. We may supply the right amount of food when we feed our horses, but it’s the frequency that’s the problem. It’s unreasonable for us to be constantly feeding our horses. However, this is why ulcers in horses is such a common problem. We’re feeding them on a schedule that works for us, without realizing how damaging it is to their digestive system.

How iFEED prevents ulcers
iFEED allows your horse to be fed in a way that resembles their grazing habits. Our feeders release food in portions you set, on a timer you set. This way, your horse gets dozens of small portions, all day and night. This way, your horse always has food in its stomach, and produces much more saliva through the day to counteract the constant production of acid. Our feeders allows horses to get the amount of food they need on a schedule that works for their unique digestive needs. So if you want to help prevent ulcers in horses, contact us about one of our feeders today.

Prevent Ulcers in Horses With iFEED

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