Improving Horse Care

Improving Horse Care

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Aren’t you always working at improving horse care at your stables? iFEED feeder systems may be just the thing your horses would ask for if they could!


A healthy horse is a happy horse, here at iFEED we focus on improving horse care. Of course, a horse’s favorite thing to do is to eat, so we concentrate on digestive health. One big problem with the way we feed horses is a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule, just like we feed ourselves. Now when we feed them small portions consistently throughout the day and night with our iFEEDers, we work at improving horse care when they eat at they are intended to by nature. Over 80% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers, don’t let that be your horse!

We take the same three big scoops a horse would normally receive in a day, and split it into dozens or even hundreds of small portions, to mimic the natural act of grazing that a horse’s stomach was made for. Horses have a very small stomach and produce a lot of acid, constantly. Meaning they need more saliva to balance the acid out, splitting the meals allows more saliva to enter the stomach and breakdown food much easier.

It’s easy to see the science behind improving horse care with one of our feeding systems here at iFEED. Your horse needs to graze rather than eat big meals which will improve horse care. Shop right on our website, you will love our feeders they are a huge benefit to the horse and to you!

Improving Horse Care

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