How to Feed a Horse with iFEED

How to Feed a Horse with iFEED

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Horses don’t look like humans – obviously. But, we still insist on feeding them like they’re one of us! Knowing how to feed a horse properly could be the difference between owning a healthy horse… and hurting your companion. Follow these basics on how to feed a horse to get you started in the right direction.

Begin With LOTS of Roughage
Let’s clear this up: roughage is found in grass stalks, hay, and other pasture. It does differ from grain. A horse’s digestive system needs roughage in order to properly digest and move the nutrients around their body. That’s why your horse should eat between 1 and 2 percent of their body weight in hay each DAY. Now, take this knowledge to the barn. Learn how to feed a horse by keeping hay in front of them most of the day – so they can eat it gradually.

Then Add in Grain
If your horse is particularly active or performance driven, then you may need to add grain into their diet as well. Different rules apply for knowing how to feed a horse grain. Small, frequent meals are ideal for your horse’s digestion. However, it can be difficult for owners to find the time to feed as many meals as needed.

This is where iFEED Technology comes in. Our iFEEDers are programmable horse feeders that know how to feed a horse! You can allow up to 720 perfectly portioned meals in a 24 hour period. This simulates your horse’s natural eating and grazing lifestyle – leaving them healthier! Makes Changes Gradually

Excited about the iFEED system? Great! But, for the health of your horse, make sure you implement our new system gradually. Any sudden change could lead to health or digestive issues like colic or founder.

Get ready to see a change in the health of your horse! Adopting the iFEED system is simple with our iFEED Starter Kit. Visit our Products page to begin shopping around.

How to Feed a Horse with iFEED
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