How to Feed a Horse

How to Feed a Horse

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

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Have you ever been left wondering how to feed a horse properly? iFEED Tech wants to help you understand exactly how to keep your horse happy and healthy. We’ve brought our latest insight into the digestive process of horses, so you can be better educated on the animals you love and care for. First, let’s begin by looking at the differences between horses and humans.

There are numerous differences between horses and humans – especially in their digestive systems. When knowing how to feed a horse, it’s important to understand how these differences can impact health. Naturally, horses feed in small meals throughout the day. They are nearly constantly grazing. Therefore, horses produce stomach acid constantly – unlike humans, who only produce stomach acid when we are actively eating. As you can imagine, feeding your horse like a human can have dire consequences. Without food in their stomach, a horse’s digestive juices will eat away at the lining of their stomach – causing stomach ulcers, or worse colic.

Now that you know more about how to a feed a horse – and what that means in relation to humans, let’s talk about the best ways to feed your horses like horses! iFEED Tech has developed our own line of horse feeders, after we realized other feeders just weren’t cutting it. Our iFEEDers can dispense up to 720 small meals in a 24-hour period. These small meals will simulate a constant grazing process, keeping your horse from overeating and undereating. Plus, by dispensing these meals automatically, our iFEEDers save you time and trips to the stables.

If you have any more questions on how to feed a horse, or just want to talk about the benefits of our feeders, feel free to contact us! We also encourage you to browse our website to see the first-hand stories from other horse owners, just like you!

How to Feed a Horse

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