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If the health of your horse is important to you consider buying some horse supplies from IFEED, such as our IFEED auto feeding system!


IFEED is a company that sells horse supplies, specifically automatic horse feeding systems, we have been around for 20 years and our goal is to help the health of as many horses as possible! Our IFEED feeding system is great for your horse because it allows them to graze their food, instead of feasting on 3 meals a day, they can have up to 48 meals a day in small portions. Because your horse will get more meals it will push more saliva into their stomach which helps with digestion.

Controlling the acid in your horses stomach is important in preventing colic and gastric ulcers! Our horse supplies are made from great materials that last, but they are also a lot cheaper, our feeding systems are much cheaper than most others, but still are durable! Using quality horse supplies doesn’t mean you need to break the bank!

Our feeding system delivers a 30% savings in feed, and 50% less chance of getting colic! There’s no doubt that feeding horses many times a day based on when they are hungry is much better for the horse, however you wouldn’t want to have to hand feed your horse 48 times a day. Using our horse supplies saves time and money while improving the health of your horse! Contact us today for more questions.

Caring for horses

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