Horse Performance

Horse Performance

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

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You want to ensure that your horse is performing at their best. But, how can you ensure that your horse performance is maintained or increased? One aspect in the care of your horse has a BIG impact on performance – you guessed it, food. Are you feeding your horse properly? iFEED is here to help you prepare your horse for peak horse performance!

The iFEED system simulates your horse’s natural feeding method, grazing. Our iFEED timed horse feeders distribute horse feed throughout the day in very small meals. This method works to improve your horse’s digestion, which boosts horse performance. Finally, you can realize your horse’s true potential.

If you feed your horse like a human, you’ll be working against their natural system. You may not think this can have a major impact on horse performance – but, you’d be wrong. Improper feeding techniques can lead to worrisome health problems. If your horse doesn’t have food in their stomach, their digestive juices start eating away at the lining of the stomach. Yes, it’s painful. Your horse can develop stomach ulcers or even colic. As you may guess, these conditions take away from horse performance.

To combat the above conditions AND begin feeding your horses in a more natural way, start with the iFEED system. We’re here to help you improve your horse performance. To hear some of the results for yourself, visit our Success Stories page under our Resources tab. You’ll be surprised by the number of very happy horse owners. That could be you after you invest in the iFEED system!

Horse Performance

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