Horse Health Problems

Horse Health Problems

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Unfortunately for horse owners, there are lots of potential horse health problems that you need to avoid. Of course, since diet is such an important aspect for the health of your horse, health problems relating to the digestive tract are especially important to consider. The iFEED team is here to bring you more information about the potential horse health problems that could be prevented or fixed through proper feeding techniques.

The first potential horse health problem that your horse could face is stomach ulcers. These uncomfortable formations inside your horse’s stomach or digestive tract could cause major pain and even reduce appetite, performance, and health. Why do ulcers form? To get a better answer, we have to look inside your horse’s digestive system. Unlike humans, horses produce digestive juices constantly – not just when they eat. They are built to graze, and eat small meals throughout the day. If we feed our horses like humans, they could develop key horse health problems, like gastric ulcers.

The iFEED system is built to be the best for your horse’s digestive tract. We combat horse health problems head on by preventing them in the first place! Your iFEEDer is a programmable horse feeder which can conveniently feed up to 720 small portions to your horse over the course of 24 hours. Now your horses are eating like they would be, naturally!

Remember, the best way to stop horse health problems, especially those in the digestive system, is to be preventative. Take advantage of the iFEED system to tackle horse health problems in the digestive system, like those uncomfortable gastric ulcers.

Horse Health Problems
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