Horse Equipment

Horse Equipment

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Do you want a high quality horse feeder that can not only help improve the health of your horse but also save you time? Check out iFEED’s horse feeding system, we sell the best horse equipment!


If you want top quality long lasting horse equipment you need to check out iFEED for the best horse feeders in the market! Our iFEED horse feeding system helps reduce the chances your horse will be affected by colic or stomach ulcers, prevention is much better than treating issues down the line. Caring for the health of your horse is very important and providing a high quality horse feeding system can save you from future veterinary bills.

Not only can our horse equipment help you with preventing horse health problems, we also save you time! Our feeding system can hold over 10 pounds of food which means you will only have to fill the feeder once and it will disperse food up to 700 times in a day. The reason you want to feed horses in smaller portions many times a day is because horse's stomach is small and constantly producing acid, if they constantly graze all day it allows saliva from their mouth to be digested and help neutralize the acid in the stomach.

Horse equipment can be really expensive, especially auto feeding systems, however IFEED offers one of the cheapest auto feeding systems available! Our feeding system horse equipment can be used at indoor and outdoor stalls, and is super easy to install as well. Our feeding system is great for complete control of when and how often you horse eats without the hassle and stress of sticking to a feeding schedule. iFEED is perfect for busy lives and healthy horses, check out our store to get started today!

Horse Equipment

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