Horse Care: Understanding Colic in Horses

Horse Care: Understanding Colic in Horses

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Taking care of your horses can be a difficult task! With so many things to consider from diet to exercise to feeding methods and more, it can be hard to decide which option is really best for your horse. The iFEED team is here to help you understand what we know best- how to feed horses. We are discussing a BIG issue that can develop if your horses are not fed using proper techniques.

What is colic in horses?

Colic in horses is a very common disorder of the digestive system. This condition in your horse can cause extreme discomfort and character changes too. In fact, if undiagnosed, colic can develop into a major condition which could prove fatal without surgical intervention. Colic is the leading cause of premature death among domesticated horses. Keep your horses safe by learning more!

What can cause colic in my horse?

As a horse owner, you are interested in the causes and prevention of colic in your horses. Of course, there are many different causes of colic. For example, high grain diets, moldy feed, abrupt changes in feed and stress can all lead to colic in your horse. Additionally, unnatural feeding techniques can also impact your horse’s gastrointestinal system.

How can I prevent colic?

Now that you know the causes of colic, let’s move on to prevention. The best way to prevent colic in horses is to avoid these dietary triggers. Make sureyou are feeding your horses a balanced diet, making gradual changes, and storing your feed properly. Additionally, feeding your horses small portions several times a day will also help simulate the natural grazing process of your horse. The iFEED system works with your horse’s natural feeding process to make digestion easier!

Horse Care: Understanding Colic in Horses
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