Get your iFEED horse grain dispenser!

Get your iFEED horse grain dispenser!

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Horses grow to be more than just pets, they become family. Someone you want to take care of and don’t want to harm in any way. Rather than feeding your horse in large quantities only a couple times a day it is actually better if you feed them a couple dozen times a day in fairly small quantities to avoid gastric ulcers in horses.

Gastric ulcers in horses can be found in about 80% of performance horses. Equine vets treat about 90,000 cases of colic per year. This means that more and more horses are suffering from gastric ulcers and unfortunately it’s usually not because of what they eat, but because of how they eat. Being fed large amounts of horse grain only 2-3 times a day can cause digestive distress and in turn it causes gastric ulcers in horses. We know that feeding your friend multiple times a day is nearly impossible. There's work, school, and family that takes up our time and we aren't able to be out at the stall every half hour. That is why iFEED invented the automatic feed dispenser.

Why iFEED?
iFEED believes that nature is the best at determining how horses should eat. We have been in business since 1995, that makes it 23 years that we have cared for horses just as much as you do! iFEED holds a US and International utility patent for its feed activator and dispenser technology meaning that you can’t find the same technology elsewhere! iFEED is a cost efficient way to feed your horse, you can save time and money because the dispenser will allow for equal amounts to be disbursed each time. In turn saving money on horse grain and your time by not having you go to the stall every half hour. Help avoid gastric ulcers in horses by getting your iFEED automatic dispenser today!

Get your iFEED horse grain dispenser!

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