Food for Horses

Food for Horses

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Want the best for your horse? iFEED provides food for horses the way they are made to eat!

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Are you still struggling to figure out how to best provide food for horses? iFEED has all the answers for you – finally! But first, you have to really understand how horses eat and digest, which is very different from humans.

Horses are built to graze naturally. Adjusting to domestication takes time, and horses haven’t yet transitioned away from a grazing lifestyle. In fact, their dietary needs and digestion systems are built as if they still graze daily. Therefore, horses shouldn’t be given a few large meals – much like humans eat. Instead, they should be fed like horses.

iFEED understood that feeding your horses many small meals a day can be difficult. Even two large meals a day is very time consuming – especially when you have many horses on your land. That’s why we developed the iFEEDers. Our iFEED system automatically pre-portions the food for horses. All you have to decide is how much you want to be feeding your horse and how often, the iFEED system does the rest.

Our iFEEDers make providing food for horses much simpler. Plus, it takes into account the natural ways horses are built to digest. It makes feeding your horses much easier! If you are interested in hearing more about the iFEED system, feel free to contact us to talk! Or you can browse our website and hear real life success stories from horses owners just like you. By transitioning to the iFEED system, other horses’ owners have seen remarkable changes in the health and performance of their horses.

Food for Horses

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