Common Horse Health Problems

Common Horse Health Problems

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If only your horse could tell you if they’re not feeling well! It can be difficult to decide if your horse’s sudden attitude change is related to a horse health problem or no big deal. iFEED is here to help you prevent health problems in your horses, so you no longer need to spend time worrying about what they’re trying to tell you.

Just like with humans, what you feed your horse has a big impact on their health. But, how they eat can also be a BIG deal for your horse’s health. Common horse health problems are linked to digestion. While other animals, like dogs, can be fed like humans in a few large meals a day. However, horses cannot be fed like us. Their digestive system is built differently!

Horses are meant to eat small meals, near constantly throughout the day. You know, it’s otherwise known as grazing. In fact, their stomachs are built to handle this type of eating – they produce stomach acid constantly. But, if there is no food in the stomach to digest, this can lead to big time horse health problems.

If you aren’t feeding your horse properly, these horse health problems often present themselves as colic. You don’t want your horse experiencing pain in their abdomen or gastrointestinal tract – but how can you prevent it? The iFEED system offers horses owners, like yourself, the ability to customize how often AND how much you feed your horses. Our timed horse feeders can feed up to 720 small meals throughout the day. It mimics a natural grazing environment for your horse, without costing you extra time spent feeding.

To learn more about how the iFEED system can reduce horse health problems, visit our Resources and TV page to see videos of satisfied owners all across the US!

Common Horse Health Problems

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