Caring for horses

Caring for horses

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Are constantly caring for your horse? One big way to help you and your horses would be installing one of our iFEED automatic slow feeder systems! Check out our selection and get started feeding your horse naturally.


Caring for horses is a big job and if you are feeding your horses three times a day or less they are more likely to have colic or stomach ulcers than if they were fed as they eat in the wild. Our feeders can feed hundreds of times a day, but still feeding the same amount or less food than you were using before. This is how horses are meant to eat! Our systems take about 20 lbs of food and dispense food in intervals allowing for better digestion.

A horse's stomach is constantly producing acid and the only thing neutralizing that acid is the saliva from eating, meaning the smaller the portion of food- the more eating, and more saliva reaching the stomach. The science behind it is very simple, horses are meant to graze all day long, it’s what they would be doing in the wild. Our feeders help you with caring for horses stomachs, but also caring for horses stress level! Horses can get bored being stalled, our feeders can help with boredom by constantly dropping food out.

If you value caring for horses an auto feeder system is a great investment. Not to mention our feeding systems are one of the least expensive indoor/outdoor systems available. Our system feeds more times a day than most others as well, meaning it allows for better grazing than others. Your horse will be very happy and have less stomach problems, while you don’t need to worry about feeding your horse three times a day and you don’t have to use any extra food, it's truly a win win!

Caring for horses

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