Caring for a Horse

Caring for a Horse

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Caring for a horse starts with their diet. Shop our products right now and see the results for yourself!

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There’s a lot that can go into caring for a horse. It can be a challenge for first-time horse owners and experienced professionals. To start everyone off of the right foot, we’re bringing you back to the basics of caring for a horse. See what you can learn from the horse care basics. It might surprise you what little things you’ve been forgetting!

Just like humans, horse need water – and lots of it. Horse drink as much as 15 gallons of water A DAY. Your horse should be able to access fresh, clean water at any time of the day. Also remember to check these water sources often to ensure that they haven’t dried up (in the summer) or frozen over (in the winter). However, access to water isn’t enough – you can’t make your horse drink. If a horse isn’t getting enough water each day and replenishing minerals lost in sweat, a daily electrolyte supplement is a great option.

Next up in caring for your horse is… food. Horses don’t eat like humans in a few big meals in the day. Instead, horses are designed to take in food constantly throughout the day. The iFEED system can offer you a solution to providing the feed to your horse. It dispenses food throughout the day, just like in nature.

But, what should you be feeding your horse? First, to start caring for a horse, consider forage. This should be 1- 2% of their body weight and make up the bulk of their diet. Also, a multivitamin can supplement your horse’s diet, in case forage is not enough nutrients. Lastly, a fortified grain can add more calories and performance if necessary.

Caring for a horse has two BIG elements, food and water. Of course, that’s not all that is needed to keep your horses happy and healthy. Make sure to consider companionship and shelter as well.

Caring for a Horse

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